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You play hockey with a stick. That stick has gone through a lot of development over the centuries. In the 19th century there were many different variants of hockey sticks. The Scots used a round stick with a smaller curvature at their Shinty game. The Irish used a stick with two flat sides at Hurling. A similar stick was also used in the Netherlands until 1926. The current hockey stick comes from England and is influenced by the cricket. There too, one side of the bat is flat and one side convex and therefore unusable.


Wood or plastic?

Until fairly recently, wood was the most important material for making a stick. Since about ten years they are almost all made of plastic. Only children's sticks are made of wood, often reinforced with synthetic fibers. However, wood still guarantees the best ball feeling. This is why children start their hockey career with a wooden hockey stick. Hall hockey sticks are still made of wood. They are also a lot lighter than field hockey sticks. Do you want personal explanation which stick is best for you then call our customer service (045-5353970) they are happy to help you.


Rules for a stick

There are four rules that a hockey stick according to the official regulations must meet:

  1. The curvature: the curvature of the stick may not exceed 25 mm.
  2. The curl: there are no rules for the curl itself. But the uppermost leg of the U may not be more than 10 cm high measured from the ground.
  3. The weight: a stick should weigh between 340 and 737 grams
  4. The length: the maximum length of a stick is 105 cm (41 inches).


Which size and how do you measure it yourself?

The sizes of hockey sticks are shown in inches. Choosing the right size of a stick is especially important for children. A too long stick makes it harder to learn the right techniques. The stick length for children varies between 24 and 36 inches. A rule to determine the correct length is that the stick measured from the ground may not exceed the navel. If you want to know exactly which length you have to choose then proceed as follows:

Measure with hockey shoes from floor to your navel. You then know the length in cm. Since sticks are measured in inches, you convert the cm to inch. You do this by dividing the measured length by 2.54. Eg you measure 86 cm then you share that by 2.54 and get a stick length of 34 inches. In adults this works slightly different because they usually play with a stick length of 36.5 inches. Although many professional hockey players increasingly opt for a longer stick. Please note that a stick may not be longer than 105 centimeters (41 inches).


What does a stick cost?

Hockey sticks vary in price from two to ten hundred euros. For a recreational hockey player, it is not necessary to feel too deep in the pouch. From 70 euros you already have a very good stick adults composite stick at


Tips for purchasing a stick

  • Are you a beginner? Then choose a standard stick that is not too stiff with a minimal curvature.
  • What is your position in the field? Defenders often opt for a somewhat heavier and stiffer stick than attackers, who again go for lighter, lighter sticks.
  • Note the shape of the curl. The smaller the angle, the more agile the stick. Also when choosing the shape of the curl your position on the field is important.
  • Get your warranty on your stick? Most sticks have a warranty period of 2 months, wooden sticks have no guarantee. Would you like to know more about warranty or purchasing a stick? Chat with us on the site, mail us [email protected] or call us and we will gladly give you a personal advice: 045-5353970.

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