Which shin/mouth protector do you need?

Buy hockey shinguards

The KNHB requires wearing shin guards during a competition. What you do during a training, you may know yourself, but in that case it also remains smart to protect your shins. Both a hockey ball and stick can hit your shins hard. Shin guards are made of soft foam or of harder materials such as glass fiber, carbon, hard plastics or a combination of both. Shin pads of foam alone are actually only suitable for children.

What should you pay attention to when buying a hockey shin guard?

  • Do not buy shin guards that are too big. Do not buy children for growth.
  • Always measure shin guards before you buy them.
  • A hockey shinguard is different from other sports. Do not take a football guard
  • Check if they are easy on and off and still stay in place during the match.

Measuring advice :

A good hockey shinguard protects a large part of the lower leg. Measure from the ankle to just below your kneecap. Since you need freedom of movement, you can cut 2 finger thicknesses from the full length. The method sounds crazy but is the best way to buy a good hockey shinguard.

The right hockey mouthguard

How does a mouthguard work?

A mouthguard works as a shock absorber. In the event of a blow to the jaw or teeth, the force is spread over a larger area. This reduces the risk of broken teeth or a broken jaw. A good mouthguard must be sturdy and fit well in the mouth, is easy to take out and remove, gives comfort to breathing and speech, is tasteless and odorless and is easy to clean.


What kind of mouthguards are there?

There are three types of bits:

  1. Ready-made : these are for sale for a few euros. The ready-to-wear shape can not be adjusted individually and can only be used as an emergency solution if you have forgotten your own protector.
  2. Thermoplastic mouthguard : this is a pre-formed mouthguard that you can adapt to your own teeth by heating and biting the bit. They are better than prefab bits and are also slightly more expensive (between 5 and 50 euros). We have special bits for bracket carriers . These fit perfectly to your bracket. Changing the positions of the teeth then change this bit. They are not cheap, but you do not need another bit of the entire ringing period.

Do you have questions or would you prefer personal advice? Mail, chat or call our customer service 0031-45-5353970. Our experienced staff are happy to advise you.

Did you know?

  • With the current techniques both in the tooth change period and when wearing braces a good and comfortable bit can be made that lasts at least one whole season.
  • You always have to remove the mouth guard from the mouth of an unconscious hockey player. This can obstruct the breathing.
  • Players (for medical reasons only) can request an exemption from the KNHB. More information about this dispensation arrangement can be found here .

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